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One huge problem for English as a Second Language students coming to the U.S. universities from China, Japan, Korea and most other countries is the inability to master an essential skill, writing academic essays. This is not only important for increasings your scores on the TOEL or the IELTs, but for success in college as well.

The problem has become so pronounced that some students have resorted to using online essay-writing services, but a crackdown has begin, with international students losing credit and in some cases have their degrees revoked. Those who fail to master writing the essay -- including math and science major -- are often required to take a time-consuming and expensive remedial writing course.

The goal of EssayMaps is to eliminate these problems by describing, in detail, the structure of various academic essays.

Designed by ESL writing instructors, including a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominees, EssayMaps is based on the Hamburger Paragraph used in many top American schools. If you're unfamiliar with the Hamburger Paragraph, click HERE. Understanding the structure is key to using EssayMaps. Using these techniques, you, too, can become an Essay Master.

If you can learn the structure of, say, a cause-and-effect paragraph you can learn to write a cause-and-effect essay.

Give it a try.

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