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As someone who has twice been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, I have found it frustrating that so many students I teach struggle with English academic essays. As an ESL writing specialist, I have made it my mission to make writing easier.

What few people tell you is that because English academic paragraphs and essays have very specific forms they can be remarkably easy to master. The most important part is the basic five-or-six sentence paragraph (the seed). Adding the details, examples and citations will help it grow into a sturdy essay. If you start out with the wrong form, it's impossible to change it.

With EssayMaps, I start with the seed and add the other elements one sentence at a time. Once you master the concept, writing an essay will become easy, and maybe even fun. The idea of using the Hamburger Paragraph comes from recognizing that you have to build to a best idea to keep people engaged. It's also the form taught at the best preparatory schools whose students are viewed as essay masters.

If you have any questions, look at the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions.

So let's get started and turn you into an Essay Master.