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Become an Essay Master with EssayMaps

One huge problem for English as a Second Language students coming to universities in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand from is the inability to master an essential skill, writing academic essays. Some have actually resorted to buying essays online, but a crackdown on that has begun with many students being expelled and having their degrees revoked. The main problem is the inability of many to understand the basic tenets of writing English an academic essay.

Understanding how academic essays are structured is not only important for increasing your scores on the TOEL or the IELTs, but for success in college as well. EssayMaps can solve this problem. EssayMaps makes it easy. Designed by ESL writing instructors, including a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, EssayMaps consists of digitized "scaffolding" derived from leading academic writing textbooks so you can write outlines and essays by filling in boxes on your computers, tablets or even phones. EssayMaps takes the results and produces perfectly formatted outlines and essays in Word format for printing or uploading. You start out writing a five-sentence pargraph and then can develop that into a full essay. More importantly, it help teach the various forms of English Academic essays.

While largely based on the Hamburger Paragraph, EssayMaps focuses on key differences.

EssayMaps includes powerful features, including inserting words from outlines into the correct place in your essays. And all of this is perfectly legal, and will not jeopardize the hard work you put in to get a degree.

With EssayMaps, you, too, can become an Essay Master.

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