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You've been studying English for 10 years and can write good English sentences, but when a teacher asks you to a compare-and-contrast or cause-and-effect essay you are totally confused. That's not uncommon and the same thing often happens to American students. Some students, especially students studying English as a foreign language, resort to buying essays, but a crackdown has begun, with thousands of students being expelled or losing their degrees.

At EssayMaps, we recognize that the problem is the failure to recognize the basic structure of these essays, and we help you build a compare-and-contrast or cause-and-effect paragraph, and prompt you to add additional information until it becomes and essay. EssayMaps will never do anything to put your hard work at risk, but will do everything to turn you into an EssayMaster.

Designed by ESL writing instructors, including on two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, EssayMaps consists of digitized "scaffolding" derived from leading academic writing textbooks so you can write outlines and essays by filling in boxes on your computers, tablets or even phones. EssayMaps takes the results and produces perfectly formatted outlines and essays in Word format for printing or uploading.

To demonstrate the connection between outlines, paragraphs and essays, EssayMaps preserves the sentences that your wrote for, say, a paragraph, and inputs that text into the appropriate spot for the essay. EssayMaps also includes dropdown boxes to insert appropriate transitions.

While largely based on the Hamburger Paragraph, EssayMaps focuses on key differences. To see how EssayMaps works, try your hand at writing a "reason essay" by clicking HERE. Or you can register by clicking HERE or above.

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