Reason Paragraph Format

The Reason Paragraph

The reason paragraph has the exact same structure as the hamburger paragraph.

Both answer the question, "Why?"

Why does something happen?
Why does a tree need water?
Why do people need to sleep?
Why do people get fevers when they are sick?
Why do I think LeBron James is such a great basketball player?
Why do I think my mother (or father, or teacher) is the most amazing person I know?

When you write your three reasons, remember to save the most important for last
Why just three reasons? Because when you add more, it becomes a list. When you have only two it's probably not going to be enough to write an essay.

Once you have the basic form, developing the full paragraph and short essay is a matter of adding details and examples.

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Top Bun (Topic Sentence)

This tells you what's going to be in the hamburger.
For instance, if I write, "I love New York for three reasons,"
the "hamburger" paragraph contains the three reasons

First Reason (Lettuce)

This is background -- or it might be the least important reason

Possible Connectors

Second Most Important Reason (The Tomato)

This is the second most important part of a hamburger

Possible Connectors:

Most Important Reason (The Meat)

This is the most important part of a hamburger

Possible Connectors:

Conclusion - the Bottom Bun

The bottom bun looks a lot like the top bun.
A conclusion can be something as simple as, "Those are the reasons I love New York."