Paragraph Types - or "Essay Seeds"

What are the "Essay Seeds"?

Unless you're a better botanist than I am, you probalby can't recognize that these are two different seeds. If you plant them, water them and fertilize them, they will grow into different plants. In the same way, academic paragraphs and essays start out with "seeds." At EssayMaps, the point is to start with these basic forms, these seeds. From the first sentence, each has a unique, recognizable structure. Think of them as shapes. If you have a square, you can expand it to a bigger square, but not to a trianlge. To grow these paragraphs and essay, you must add details, examples and citations in the right places.

EssayMaps starts with the most funadmental academic paragraphs and essays. They are:

The Reason Paragraph or Essay

Let's say this is a "square" that can be expanded but not altered

The Cause-and_Effect Paragraph or Essay

The cause-and-effect essay has a distinct form or shape that cannot be altered

The Compare-and-Contrast Paragraph or Essay

The compare-and-contrast paragraph or essay actually has four distinct forms or shapes that cannot be altered

The Persuasive or Argument Paragraph or Essay

The persuasive or argument essay has a key element you must include to make it effective