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Hamburger Paragraph

First Step: Five-Sentence Hamburger Paragraph

Write about something you like. Examples of hamburger paragraphs topics are:

1. My favorite person is...
2. The place I like to visit the most in the world is...
3. My favorite food is...
4. I like to travel...
5. My favorite book is...
6. My favorite movie is...
7. I like to (play some sport or do some hobby)...


What do you intend to write about?

Top Bun (Topic Sentence)

Write a simple sentence like one of those above
EssayMaps will add "for three reasons."

First Reason (Lettuce)

This is background -- or it might be the least important reason

Possible Connectors

Second Most Important Reason (The Tomato)

This is the second most important part of a hamburger

Possible Connectors:

Most Important Reason (The Meat)

This is the most important part of a hamburger

Possible Connectors:

Conclusion - the Bottom Bun

The bottom bun looks a lot like the top bun.
A conclusion can be something as simple as, "Those are the reasons I love New York."