Hamburger Paragraph and Essay Format

Why a Hamburger?

Why a hamburger? Because the "structure" or a hamburger is surprisingly similar to the structure
of academic paragraphs and essays with five main ingredients,
but moving from the least-to-the-most important reasons:

1. The Top Bun (the Topic Sentence)
2. The Lettuce (the Least Important Reason)
3. The Tomato (the Next Most Important Reason)
4. The Meat (the Most Important Reason)
5. The Button Bun (the Conclusion) starts with an outline and builds from there.

Students never have to rewrite anything, even if they make changes

For each type of paragraph or essay -- compare-and-contrast, cause-and-effect, persuasive -- the basic structure is slightly different,
but if you start with a solid cause-and-effect paragraph you can build a cause-and-effect essay sentence by sentence, with the appropriate transitions.

The hamburger structure gives the paragraph a plump hamburger shape.

Each can be printed in a Word document.

To see how this can help you write an essay? Let's start with The Top Bun