Hamburger Paragraph and Essay Format This page describes the five-part structure of both a hamburger and a paragraph or essay and uses the lesson to teach get students to organize their ideas for not only paragraphs but for long papers, theses and even doctoral dissertations 

The Hamburger Paragraph -- and Essay

In many of the top American elementary and prep schools, students are taught that a paragraph is a lot like a hamburger. With modification, this approach can be used to create common English academic paragraphs and essays, including reason, expository, cause-and-effect and argument (or persuasive).

Why? Because hamburger is easy to remember, and it's structure is surprisingly similar to the structure of academic paragraphs and essays.

Like the academic paragraph or essay, the hamburger has five main ingredients:

1. The Top Bun
2. The Lettuce
3. The Tomato
4. The Meat
5. The Button Bun

So how can this help you write an essay? Let's start with the The Top Bun

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