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Cause-and-Effect Paragraph

Cause and Effect Paragraph

A cause-and-effect paragraph or essay deals with the cause or some issue that's either negative or positive. A positive issues would be a rise in the price of a company's stock. The cause (reasons) paragraph or essay would be: Why did it go up? The effects (reults) paragragh or essay would be: How will the rise in the stock price change the way the company does business.

In either case, the three body paragraphs of the essay must focus on either the causes (the reasons) or the effects (the results), but not both.

Often, the issue you write about will deal with a controversial topic. For instance:

* Global warming
* Smoking
* Opioid addition
* Divorce
* Homelessness
* Obesity

With each of these you can address the causes (reasons) or the effects (results). For instance, you might ask what behaviors cause divorce? At the same time, you might ask about the effects (results) of divorce on young children.

With smoking, you might address the causes (reasons) the people starts smoking, or the effects (results) of smoking. An example or a topic sentence for a cause (reasons) paragraph:

With everyone agreeing that smoking causes disease and death, one finds that there are three critical reasons that children start smoking.

An example of a results paragraph:

While the reasons children start smoking at 13 are clear, some believe an effective way to deter them would be to address the three results of smoking that might convince them to stop.

In many respects, the causes essays is like the reasons essay, but the causes (reasons) have more of an impact on an important issues. The fact that I like to vacation somewhere for three reasons has far less impact than the three reasons people become addicted to opioids.

With each of these essays, as you can see above, if you write a cause (reasons) essay, you need to address the effects (results) in the topic sentence.

The first thing you need to determine is whether you are writing about the causes (the reasons) or the effects (the results).

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