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Five-Sentence Hamburger Paragraph Outline 1

Five-Sentence Hamburger Paragraph

Remember, writing outlines can be confusing because our brains thing of the most important thing first.

Don't worry, answer them as you think of them and EssayMaps will put them in the correct order.

Also, remember to to reduce your reasons to just one key word if possible.


Topic Sentence -- the Top Bun

Your topic sentence goes here. If I say I love New York,
I want to add "for three reasons," because that limits the paragraph to those three reasons.


Try to limit your reasons to one word


The Most Important Reason -- the Meat


The Second Most Important Reason -- the Tomato


First (or Least Important) Reason -- The Lettuce

Conclusion -- Bottom Bun

The bottom bun looks a lot like the top bun.
A conclusion can be something as simple as, "Those are the reasons I love New York"

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