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Form: Argument Paragraph Outline Point-by-Point

Argument Paragraph Organized by Argument (Point-by-Point)

*** The Dreaded Outline ***

As with any paragraph or essay, the best way to begin is with an outline. makes that easy and plugs the information from the outline into the paragraph at the correct places, which is the purpose of using an outline.

When you begin to write your argument, you need to be aware of who might oppose your position and why. A good block-methoc argument requires you to accurately summarize the most important reason that somebody would be against your idea.

Your argument essay than must lay out three arguments, in the order of importance, refuting the opponent.

For the sake of illustration, let's analyze a simple argument.

I am arguing that I should paint my house red today.

My opponent's opposition is based on the fact that I don't have enough red paint and the hardware stores are closed.

Now, let's say the three points of my argument are:

1) I really like red
2) The color red will give me good luck
3) Red will increase the resale value of my house

Does that work? Why not?

Right. Because we didn't address the main objection of the opponent, that there's not enough red paint. So let's change the argument slightly:

1) I really like red
2) Painting the house red will increase the value of the house
3) If we water down the paint, it will cover the entire house

That's not a great topic, but you can see that it works because it addresses the opponent's main opposition.

In crafting your argument, you need to craft arguments that undercut your opponents main argument.

So let's start. Think of a good argument topic where you might have a chance of persuading your opponent.

Remember, in this outline keep your arguments to one key word if possible.


Top Bun (Topic Sentence)

This tells you what you're going to argue.
For instance, you might write, "I believe that violent video games should be banned for three reasons."

Opponent's First (Weakest) Argument

Here you write a word that summarizes

Your First Argument

Here a word that tells by why your opponent's first argument is wrong

Opponent's Second Argument

Here give a word to summarize your opponent's second, stronger argument

You Second Most Important Argument

Here one word why your opponent's second argument is wrong

Opponent's Strongest Argument

One word summarizing your opponents most important argument

Your Most Important Argument (The Meat)

Here a word that captures your most important argument

Conclusion (Bottom Bun)

This concludes your paragraph outline