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Hamburger Paragraph

Five-Sentence Hamburger Paragraph

Click HERE to review the hamburger paragraph tutorial.

Notice that the terms for the outline and placed in this form. Also, you should notice the appropriate transition in the dropdown box for each sentence.

For the basic structure, remember:

The structure below is: 1. The Top Bun -- Topic Sentence
2. The Lettuce -- Least Important Idea
3. The Tomato -- Second Most Important Idea
4. The Meat -- The Most Important Idea
5. The Button Bun -- Conclusion Like Top Bun

Example Hamburger Paragraph


Topic Sentence - the Top Bun

This tells you what's going to be in the hamburger.
For instance, if I write, "I like going to New York for three reasons,"
the "hamburger" paragraph contains the three reasons

First Reason - the Lettuce

This is background -- or it might be the least important reason

Possible Connectors

Second Most Important Reason - the Tomato

This is the second most important part of a hamburger

Possible Connectors:

Most Important Reason - The Meat

This is the most important part of a hamburger

Possible Connectors:

Conclusion - the Bottom Bun

This concludes your paragraph

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