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Effects (Results) Paragraph

Effects/Results Paragraph

Click HERE to review the hamburger paragraph tutorial. For the basic structure, remember:

1. The Top Bun -- Topic Sentence
2. The Lettuce -- Least Important Idea
3. The Tomato -- Second Most Important Idea
4. The Meat -- The Most Important Idea
5. The Button Bun -- Conclusion Like Top Bun

Example Hamburger Paragraph


Topic Sentence - the Top Bun

This tells you what's going to be in the paragraph.
For instance, if I'm writing about drug addiction, I might write that drug addiction
results in crime, serious illness and even death

First Effect - the Lettuce

This is background -- or it might be the least important result

Possible Connectors

Second Most Important Effect/Result - the Tomato)

This is the second most important result

Possible Connectors:

Most Important Effect/Result - the Meat)

This is the most important result

Possible Connectors:

Conclusion - the Bottom Bun

This concludes your paragraph

Possible Connectors:

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