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Five-Sentence Reason Paragraph Outline

Five-Sentence Reason Paragraph

The reason paragraph answers the question, "Why?"

Why does something happen?

Why does a tree need water?

Why do people need to sleep?

Why do people get fevers when they are sick?

Essentially, it's the model used for the hamburger paragraph, so if you've taken the tutorial you should be set.

If you haven't, I strongly recommend you do, or at least review the explanations of the hamburger paragraph.

Basically, you write your three reasons, saving the most important for last.


Topic Sentence -- the Top Bun

Your topic sentence goes here. If I wrote, "I love New York,"
I need to add "for three reasons" because that limits the paragraph to those three reasons.


Try to limit your reasons to one word

The Most Important Reason - the Meat

The Second Most Important Reason - the Tomato

First (or Least Important) Reason - The Lettuce

Conclusion - the Bottom Bun

The bottom bun looks a lot like the top bun.
A conclusion can be something as simple as, "Those are the reasons I love New York"

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